Mentoring program – information for employees

As our university holds the title of being the most internationalized university in Poland, one of our primary goals is to ensure the positive atmosphere created by the social and cultural integration to the students, who come from different cultural and lingual backgrounds and gather in the environment of Vistula and to provide the point of view of different voices in every step of their education.

The “Mentoring” program, a project that we conduct in the university in this context, is a program which aims to assist the students in the process of integration and adaptation and to help the other students in personal development and the academic activities with the participation and the guidance of volunteered “Mentor” students.
As well as the “Mentee” students who are offered this support, the “Mentor” students and supervisors who become volunteered to offer help can develop important skills in this project and use those skills in their further academic careers. Along with the systematized trainings and meetings, the personal bonds they create with the students who are assigned to them and their efforts to assist them develop their administrative skills. Also, they are offered to learn the professional consultancy service in the field which can only be learned with paid courses elsewhere and they will be granted the priority to participate numerous social activities and trips organized by the University.

The teachers and staff who want to be a part of “Mentoring” program should sign an agreement of terms, participate the training program and seminars in September and fill the application form prepared by the university. If you want to benefit from the facilities and possibilities our university have been providing and helping our international community develop while improving your social capabilities as much as possible, we will be pleased to see you as a “Supervisor” among us and we will be honored to have your support as the “Mentoring” family.

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